Junko Mizuno "ravenous akko" acrylic and gold paint

We have been working to make the Zombies in Love exhibition a strange and wonderful event to remember. In attempt to do so we have added some additional features to the show:

-FREE Zombie figure drawing workshop with a live (or dead) zombie model!

-We have invited the folks at "Eat my Taco" to be a vendor at the event. (there may be Brain Tacos for sale for all the zombies...or some close substitute)

-There is now a Zombie Shooting Gallery thanks to the folks at steelhawkairsoft.com for working with us to make it happen.
We wanted to give people an experience that was close to a real zombie attack. Using gas powered air soft guns people will have a limited number of ammunition to take out a small group of walking zombies before they breach your perimeter. The zombies will be grunting and reacting to shots made whether in the arm, leg, in the head or other areas... Look for us in the parking lot behind Nucleus.

(check out all details in the event section)

Zombie Walk Reminder:
-Meet on the corner of Atlantic and Garfield at 6:20 to go over the rules and guidelines
-The walk starts at about 6:30
-We will be walking to Nucleus at which point the show will start

Brian Smith "untitled" oil


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