Zooooombies...in love?!

Say what?

That's right. If immortal, sparkle-stud vampires can fall in love, why can't zombies? Yes, even souless, brain-eating machines are capable of frivilious, sentimental nonsense. My advice to you, if your brain is failing at conjuring up images of decaying bodies doing anything remotely romantic, you should DEFINATELY come and check out this show. We have these amazing artists who managed to escape a wave of zombie infestation and bring to us a wealth of illustrative and artful documentary of...Zombies in Love.

Here is one by a fellow zombie survivor Mindy Lee.

Check out her blog for more awesome images!

Click here [ Mindy's site ]

Here is one by another artist, Jim McPherson. Brave man.

For more information, click here. [ Zombies in Love ]

Zombies will be in town from February 6 - 22. Please leave your flamethrowers at home. Thank you.


"Definitely" No "a". Looks like a good show.

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