For the past decade, Rick O'Brien has been a one-man art department in Hollywood, designing, constructing and painting sets and props for such clients as Victoria's Secret, Luxor Las Vegas, Nikon, London IMAX, Konica, Tevo, Motorola, Honda, United States Postal Service, Proctor & Gamble, "The Contender" and "The Apprentice."


We are very honored to have the artist contributing to the Lift Off exhibition.  O'Brien is presenting paintings, sculptures, video, and also signing his book Counterweight.

Counterweight compiles stunning images from experiences, environments, and emotions perceived through the artist's diverse projects, as well as from his everyday life.  The artist captures the human condition expertly. Recognized by the Society of Illustrators, O'Brien's art has placed both gold and bronze and has received much acclaim and print exposure in various publications.


Through traditional mediums ranging from egg tempera and oil to gouache, wood, ink, resin, and plaster, the artist's catalogue beautifully scrutinizes Man and his journey.  The images below are teasers of what is in store for this Saturday's opening.


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