Clearly, this can't be the real Damien Hirst blogging so I hope You Got To Love Art! doesn't get shut down anytime soon.
The descriptions kill me! It's bitting commentary on the artist and the ambiguity of the modern art world and its nothing short of funny.
All works are also all available for only 1 euro!

Some favorite works include:

"The fear of becoming fat expressed in the joy of being colorful"

"49 peanut M&M's of green, orange, blue, brown, yellow and red color which are sold in a mostly yellow bag on which it also writes that "To avoid suffocation, keep bags away from babies, young children and pets." that I bought at a gas station on my way to the train station where my mother was waiting for me on a white plastic windowsill" on a photograph

"Thoughts on eternal life by someone living a mundane life in a tiny flat"

"A physical presence of a not too typically looking ladybug which I found dead in my room a few days back and remembered that I probably saw it perfectly alive a few days before that when I even wondered what was a ladybug doing in my room and how did she got inside it since I mostly keep my windows closed and I don't have any flowers on a white plastic windowsill" on a photograph

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hello. I think you'll need to update the links to the images. I changed them a bit. thanks for the post. dh

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