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Aw man, nostalgia's kicking in. Not just for Beast King GoLion "Voltron", but for the love of Legos! Every kid has a particular way of building their creations. (I spread out the pieces on my floor and seperating them in specific piles; sometimes by color, sometimes grouping them by size). Of course once you finished, you had to take it apart and build the "special" variants that they didn't give instructions for. Eventually the creation would fall apart and disintegrate into the giant rubbermaid bin of random Lego parts (I called mine the junkyard), which gave you free reign to combine your pirate ships with your medival space police.

Lego Beast King GoLion, courtesy of

There have been other Mobile Suit Lego's floating around the internet, but something about the actual transformation of the seperate Lions into the massive Robot is just so appropriate for the material. According to the creator, it took over 71 hours to build, with the use of a customizable frame meant specifically for Lego Mobile Suits ( He even used Illustrator to create the pilot's suits!


Direct link to the creator (grandadmiral)'s Flickr


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