Note: The work you are about to see is not for those shy of blood, nor vegetarians who may squirm at the sight of meat. For artist, Victoria Reynolds it is this subject that she glorifies in her work.  The raw, slimy, textured appearance of meat, especially red meat takes the forefront as they are render with the precision of a still life of an old master. In addition, her baroque frames often mirror the same kinds of marbling of fat in the meat of the work.  From far distances some of these paintings, through our own preconceived awareness of still-lifes, appear as floral or fauna.  But once the viewer approaches the work closer, they quickly conceive the truth of the work.  What is also unexpected about Reynold's meat is that they are actually quite beautiful.  They are vanitas, permeating with the sensibilities of organic life and raw matter.  

 Down the Primrose Path, 2003, 44 x 29 Inches  , Oil on panel 
Lickety Split, 2003, 14.5 x 12.5 Inches, Oil on panel

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Those actually make me kinda hungry...

I saw these at the Hammer! Good stuff.

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