The opening night of SWEET STREETS at Nucleus on 8/29 is just around the corner &  the co-curator of SWEET STREETS, CARO has created a one of kind CD Sampler: "Sweet Streets Vol.1" featuring music from Japan's own underground scene.  This CD comes FREE with any in-store purchase.

1. Out At Bero – “Get Curve” (Self-Released; JP)
2. THE LOWBROWS – “Dream In The Desert” (Self-Released; JP)
3. We.R.D.2 - “Won’t Do” Kino Remix (MOROZ Records; NY)
4. LALORY REMIXES - “I GO I GO I GO” Tropical Dandy Mix (Crown Records; JP)
5. Black Gold - “Detroit” Shark Attack Remix (Redbull Records; LA)
6. Unisex Salon - “Hell No” We.R.D.2 Remix (Transphonic Records; NY)
7. KazuNoco- “Tokyo Arcade Mode” Kinkies Remix (Oconuzak Records; JP)
8. Toxic Lipstick – Riders of the Trumplar (Dual Plover; JP) 
9. MELT-BANANA – “Cracked Plaster Cast” (A-Zap Records; JP)
10. 2BOY – “Into The Nature Remix” (Self-Released; JP)
11. KinKies – “Golden Dawn” (Kidz Records; JP)
12. Dexpistols – “Midnight Sevenstars” (Rock Trax; JP)
13. Mustard Pimp- “Fresh Prince of Bel Air Remix” (Self-Released; FR)
14. Notorious MSG – “Traditional Roughnecks”(Cordless Recordings; NY)
15. Rocket K – “Video Killed the Radio Star (The Buggles)” (Koga Records; JP) 

Come out and celebrate Sweet Streets at Nucleus on 8/29 @ 7:00 pm- 12:00 am and take advantage of this great opportunity to take home some Japanese street scene inspiration! 

For more info go to our website here or stop by Hi-Fructose's site here.


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