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Within the last few years, public/private universities have sought new ways to highlight their facilities, prestigious faculty and academic programs over the internet.  For this reason we have seen a spike in schools using methods such as blogging to more recently, implementing the video and audio outlets like YouTube or Podcasts.  

Nowadays, universities display their lectures and demonstrations on these new platforms presenting the nature of their education-- publicly. Sure, this is all fine on a university level, but what about the arts?  Well, as innovative and free thinking as art school can be, it's a slow start for some private and specialty schools to market their institutions and the quality of their education in this way.  However, it seems that Otis College of Art and Design have been increasing their credibility through the development of videos illuminating student work and lectures conducted by professors.  It's a brilliant strategy to attract students, show them visually what they can be expecting when they attend the college, because as we all know that it's not about where you going for art school but why.

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