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Art rockers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs have frequently been associated with the avant-garde.  Their music often goes hand and hand with the artistic movements and punk generation of the late 70s and 80s.  Yet although their music reflects this era, "SNAKESWEAT" looks like an art film of much earlier precedent.  The choppy editing, the low production, looping and unsynced audio are distinctly influenced by works Surrealists works such as "Un chien andalou" or more notably Dadaist. In the film, each band member portrays distorted versions of themselves and their personalities: lead singer, Karen O plays 'The Black Wi dow'; guitarist, Nick Zimmer plays 'The Scientist'; and drummer, Brian Chase is 'The Philosopher'.  Their representation of these personal characteristic echoes a kind of exposition from avant-garde film of the self and the artist; essentially, a objecthood of identity.  These band members are taking up a mantle that a generation spent more than a decade exploring.  It is very interesting that the band is now creating videos of this nature in the early 2000s.  Are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs attempting tribute to or revive this era of modern art?  Watch "SNAKESWEAT" and you be the judge.

Oh, and if you haven't already check out their new release, It's Blitz! which I think is fantastic.  


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