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An interesting image of an environmental installation by Tara Donovan was posted by Ken Johnson on Thursday.  Tara Donovan's sculpture which can be seen at The Lever House Lobby consists of 2500 lbs. of  carefully folded plastic sheets fixed in a rectangular free standing wall.  

"Untitled" is an incredibly heart-stopping, display of the beauty of form and I'm sure these images don't the work enough justice.  

In addition, Ken Johnson, the author of the article, gives a critical examination of the presence and largess of outdoor sculpture in New York districts.  I find that many of the New York installations and sculptures are quite inspiring.  In Los Angeles, we have a lot of freestanding sculpture in busy districts in the metropolitan city center.  Unfortunately, it appears that the public arts are slowing down with our waning economy, state-budgets and less than enthusiastic patrons.  Only with time, will we be able to see more ground-breaking and ambitious public works.  These works are essential in transforming our objective space and for bringing the arts into the facade of commerce.   

Read more at NY-Times 


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