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Yuta Onoda is an artist originally from Japan who holds a Bachelors in Applied Arts in Illustration from Sheridan College in Canada.  His illustration work is largely mixed media and digital.  Much of Onoda's art bares similarities to his peers such as Tessar Lo and James Jean; yet while comparisons can be drawn, Onoda's focuses on more psychedelic and surreal themes.  I enjoy also Onoda's conventional skill as a graphic designer for his color palette feels to be highly selective.  Further differences between other illustrators in the field and Onoda appear in that Onoda's subjects which feel less narrative and a bit more contemplative.  Many of his paintings are very impressively realized, at times even more carefully rendered and complexly layered than his digital work.  Yuta Onoda will certainly be an up and coming illustrator and I look forward to seeing more of his work surface in the next few years.  

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Senjukannon, Yuta Onoda, Mixed media on wood, 24 x 24"

Hope Leaves, Yuta Onoda, Mixed media and digital, 8 x 8"

Domination. Mixed media and digital, 11 x 7.5"


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