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John Clang is a genius in his respective field.  Sculptor, interventionist, photographer and commercial artist, Clang has exhibited some of the most intriguing bodies of work I've seen from any artist his age.  Born in Singapore, Clang entertained the idea of going to school for fine art photography at Lasalle College of the Arts, but ultimately left to assist renowned photographer, Chua Soo Bin.  Within the few years that Clang has been exhibiting his work in galleries internationally, and has gathered a large following.  The reception of his work has been vastly positive and some of his personal art is now a part of the permanent collection at the Singapore Museum.  Clang's subjects typify a view of South East Asian metropolitan cities not seen through conventional digital photography.  Following his instinctual aesthetics, Clang creates art that is both natural and sensitive.  

Silhoette-urban intervention (black tape), John Clang

Open wound, John Clang

Ibm. out with cables. in with blades, John Chang


There's a preview of a new series on his facebook page, that's not on his website yet. Looks pretty intriguing. Can't wait to see the rest.

Thanks for the post! His new works are great and his interviews reveal a lot about his artistic process that I did not know. I appreciate it

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