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Ina Kyung Lim has never created art for the faint hearted. From abstract expression to figurative her work is always stark and bold. Her subject these days is the nude Asian female. Tones are oft severe, darks against light flesh, representing a freedom/restraint dynamic.

Ina is a graduate of The School of Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University, where she focused on painting and drawing. She is also a graphic designer, illustrator and dancer residing in Los Angeles.Ina Kyung Lim's The Shibari, a rope bondage series, has recently been showcased and installed into the permanent collection of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction. The Shibari, which consisted of charcoal drawings, was also recently published in the 4th edition of Grafuck.

There's a moment when one practices anything of great effort and skill where the laws of time and gravity stand still, where one is unburdened of the things that weigh us down and ground us. These moments are sometimes ecstatic, but always fleeting. Yet the practice alone can lead to freedom, possibility, and empowerment. The subject is weightlessness. The model, an ex-lawyer turned dancer, embodies the fierceness, dedication, power and possibility for embarking on a journey to freedom. Her leaps are aspiration. Like objects of art used in meditation, these paintings remind the viewer of a moment of enlightenment where one finds themselves unburdened and weightless.  


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