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Plank Piece, Charles Ray, 1973

This photo by Charles Ray from The Last Picture Show is just amazing

The Last Picture Show: Artists Using Photography was a historic show that exhibited photographers who did not label themselves as such, rather, as 'artists'.  The event focused on around 20 years of photography and was one of the most influential markers of art photography in the West.  The show contained approximately 150 works which documented their artistic pursuits from performance pieces, assemblage, staged self-portraits, sculpture or film. The exhibition was also the first to acknowledge. in their entirety, the simultaneous Modern art movements of Conceptual Art, Minimalism, Arte Povera and many others.

See achieved images from the 2004 re-issue of the exhibit at The Hammer Museum



brilliant concept. the composition of the shot is perfect too, wow thanks for posting!

This masterpiece has inspiered me to make a dance piece. thank you, ronnie heller

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