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'Brent Booth, 21 years old, Des Moines, Iowa $30' 1990-92 C-type print

Yale graduate and professor, Philip-Lorca DiCorcia is an expert on photographic lighting.  With the use of mixed lighting effects, golden-hour shooting, gels and filters, DiCorcia imbues images with sentimentality and an eerie conception of space.  One of my favorite projects of his was a series of photographs shot in Hollywood in an area of Santa Monica boulevard, loosely named, "The Hustlers".  Dicorcia shot images of various male prostitutes on the street, paying them the same rate that they would for their regular 'services'.  Each photo is titled with the sitter's name, place of birth, and their price.  

'Ike Cole, 38 years old, Los Angeles, CA, $25' 1990-92 C-type print

'Mike Miller, 24 years,  Allentown, PA, $25' 1990-92 C-type print 

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