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The Munsell Hue Test attempts to survey how good your color vision is.  The lower the score, the better your vision.  The analysis afterwards, will show where your hue discrimination lies, a useful design tool.  You can also compare your results to age demographics at the end!  Ironically, concentrating on such an exam for a prolonged period of time on a computer screen feels rather detrimental to your vision.  Oh well, I scored a 15, compare your results!  Post them in the comments.  


Boy, your eyes do go a little buggy staring at the chips for too long, but I got a zero! Yaaay!

i got a seven. my eyes don't like yellow/green.

I got an 8 my eyes did badly on blue / green

Perfect !

perfect color vision! but my eyes hurt after that.

Wow! You guys are good!!

very cool! I got a 10, sucked at yellow/green!

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