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The contradictions and paradoxes of Lo's personality and past are what allow him to create his works that deal often with human concepts, dreams, and relationships. On one hand he is an Indonesian-born artist that produces "Asian aesthetic" works. On the other, he is a North American artist raised and taught in Canada and inspired by Gauguin.  
Better yet, on another level, he is considered one of the gallery circuit's new "It" boys with already more than 30 shows attributed to him, three of them: solo. Still yet again, on the other side of that same level, he is still a very young artist who not that long ago was just an art student at Sheridan's School of Animation, Art, and Design.
Continuously evolving as an artist, it's the lack of clarity and the unknown that excites him. Metaphorically and literally, this mystery appears in paintings with haunting figures floating against empty space.  


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