As part of his QUIET WORK/LOUD PARTY tour, Kid Koala touches down at Gallery Nucleus this Sunday (April 26) for a quiet creative session. With each stop, Kid Koala presents a pair of events.  The first night aptly titled "Music to Draw to..." finds the popular DJ playing a set of tunes for fans to chill while drawing, knitting, or whatever their hearts' desire. The second night is a party of stellar proportions.

Kid Koala presents "Music to Draw to..." in LA

• Music provided by Kid Koala (of course)
• Early night! 5pm until 10pm
• Tickets are $5 and can only be purchased in person at Nucleus during the event
• The admission includes a cup of hot chocolate and a pencil
• Quiet people are invited. Bring your own sketchbook, notepad, yarn, etc.
• No dancing. Save your energy for Kid Koala's appearance at Bordello Bar on Monday, April 27

This is a very special treat for Los Angelians! Don't miss out!

Read a new interview with Kid Koala discussing the QUIET WORK/LOUD PARTY tour here  



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