During this weekend's GRAFUCK reception, we will be screening a new film by Amautalab entitled "The Blindness of the Woods."  Amautalab is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in LA with offices in Buenos Aires and Lima.  Although they currently have projects in the works for both Toyota and MTV, Amautalab directors Carlos Battilana and Martin Jalfen strive and thrive best working on experimental projects because they believe it is "the only way to nurture and grow new ideas."

"The Blindness of the Woods" draws inspiration from the genre of 70s porn, while at the same time injecting a bit of cuteness into the motif.  Screenshots of the film appear in the new Grafuck 4 book release.  In addition to the screening, we will also be featuring some fun merchandise based off of the film including DVDs, apparel, posters, and finger puppets that may make you blush.

You can check out some of Amautalab's previous projects below:


And this short which once opened the popular digital film festival RESFest: 



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