This Saturday, April 11, marks the second time that Gallery Nucleus will present GRAFUCK, an international erotic art exhibit featuring a diverse group of over 50 established and emerging artists celebrating the release of the newest edition to the Grafuck art book series.

The work in this year's exhibit is a balance of illustration, photography, fine art, and graphic design.  With more than 80 works in total, it showcases a variety of mediums from oil to paper cut, ink on paper to digital.  The exhibit will feature installation work as well as a film entitled The Blindness of the Woods (more about the film later this week).  Many pieces are figurative and others are quite clever in concept.  It is a solid collection of images providing a current global overview of one of the most fundamentally relevant aspects of life.

The book release marks the fourth in the series since its inception in 2005.  This edition boasts an impressive centerfold illustrated by the award-winning James Jean.  You can pre-order the new book here.  Pre-ordering the book is the only way to ensure you will receive a copy signed by the artists attending the reception.

Pre-order the new Grafuck 4 book.

This week, check back daily as we will have more to share about this rare event.  Here is a preview of some of the work showcased in the exhibit opening this Saturday and featuring work by James Jean, Camilla d'Errico, and Tessar Lo among many others.

Davison Carvalho | The Sexy Choir In Her Head | Digital | 48" x 23"

Jonathan Bartlett | She Don't Know Part I | Ink and Watercolor | 21" x 15"

Neri | Canaan | Red Ballpoint Pen | 9.5" x 16"

Naja Conrad-Hansen | Fade to Grey 2 | Ink on Handmade Paper | 29.5" x 21.5"

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Very cool. James Jean, eh? Why didn't you say so! Oh you did. Can't wait to see more preview pics.

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