Hi everyone  you may have noticed some changes to our website. We hope you will poke around a bit as there are some new features and more to come on the way with some special surprises to be announced as well. Please feel free to send us your feedback about the site.

and to kick off the new site and the new GRAFUCK 4 Book Release/Art Exhibition, we are debuting 3 sexy NEW signed and numbered limited edition prints by Frank Stockton. We originally featured Frank 4 years ago when he was still living in LA in the LOVESUCKSLOVE exhibition and since then he has become an award winning illustrator/fine artist in NY.

These 3 prints are also available as a set for a reduced price.



woweeeee love the new site! btw i had a dream that ben purchased a Borders store and changed it to Nucleus. and i was all wtf and he was all hells yeah.

Yeah, congrats on the new imporoved site! And hey, you know if Ben bought a Borders it would be fab! That dreams sounds exactly like Ben! Ha, ha, ha!

If I had a Borders I would change the name by adding "NO" to the front of the sign.

Ben, Man! I like that! Very cool! And much more hip!

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