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As mentioned yesterday, our Special Guests for the HOME SLICE reception were puppet reincarnations of some of Scott C's most beloved characters.  Come see the puppets for yourself as they are on display at Nucleus through the duration of the HOME SLICE exhibition.

While in town, Scott C was able to hang out with his familiar friends, and oh, did they get themselves into some mischief as seen in the photos to follow.  Feel free to write captions for these photos in the Comments section haha...tell us what you think of 'em!

Many thanks to Russ Walko, the talented puppeteer and trainer responsible for creating these guys as well as Love Ablan for snapping some really awesome pictures!

Speaking of thanks, a BIG THANK YOU to the folks over at Drawn! for posting about the HOME SLICE exhibit.


Amazing! Scott C is definitely one of my new favorite artists, and this is the cherry on top! Scott: You guys are crazy! Do you know where that chicken has been? Knight: Dude, chill. This chicken is legit. Mummy: He does seem to be quite a pleasant foul, doesn't he? Caveman: .....

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