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Thank you to those who made it out to the HOME SLICE exhibit this past Saturday.  It was a great night filled with a lot of fun in the company of great people including the one and only Scott C as well as some Special Guests (more below).  See photos from the reception here

Most who attended the reception, said that HOME SLICE is Scott C's most cohesive body of work.   Many were delighted upon discovering the hundreds of details depicted throughout the work.  One observer mentioned the artist's talent in conveying rather complex emotions within a few properly placed lines.  And of course, as I've said before, Scott C possesses this very rare ability of injecting humor into art successfully.  A difficult feat for many artists to master.

Among the works featured in this exhibit, you will find the gargantuan Dinosaur House.  Measuring nearly 6ft in length and 3ft in height, it is the largest work that Scott C has ever created.  From mammoth-loving youngsters, to classes taught by the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, to full-frontals of gleeful cavemen, this piece showcases the imagination of a very creative artist whose work resonates with many.


What is this talk about Special Guests?  Well, these new friends of ours were part of the festivities of this past Saturday.  They are puppets handsomely crafted by the talented Russ Walko, a professional puppeteer and trainer.

Scott C & The Philosopher (on right) sharing a brewski and contemplating life



We will share a few more of these photos when we announce the Winning Numbers for tomorrow's prize of the day, Scott C's infamous Ninjas All Over The Place art print (valued at $150).  If you are a fan, this print is a keeper!


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