In the days leading up to this Saturday's opening for Line Weight, we will be highlighting select artists and exclusive previews of their work in the exhibition. Check back regularly because we have a lot to share!

Ronald Kurniawan

With the belief that the sublime and nuclear age could coexist, he paints romantic environments and breaks the quiet scene with juxtaposed imagery taking the shape of icons and letterforms. His clients include Sony Pictures Entertainment, Mattel Inc., Toyota, Turner Broadcasting System, Disney Consumer Products,Tetra, General Mills, Design Studio Press, La Weekly and more.

I wish that everyone could see these in person. They are truly extraordinary. The second one has appeared before at LACMA:

Uncharted | Graphite on watercolor paper | 22.5" X 10"

LACMA Drawing for Summer Solstice


Absorb all of the genius behind Ronald Kurniawan's work and meet the talent in person at the Opening of Line Weight this Saturday!


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