Kako Ueda - Eros & Thanatos

Kako Ueda - "Eros & Thanatos," hand-cut black paper, 78" x 68"

I've barely started my appreciation for paper. It's something so ubiquitous that, after a while, your brain starts to ignore it. You abuse it, using it to clean the mess off your shoes, or use it as a barrier between chewed gum and your fingers. Something with a history as old as civilization should amount to so much more.

Reflecting on the metamorphosis, transforming the overlooked into something meaningful is a constant influence for many artists. Kako Ueda's pieces show tons of skill and determination, but also a love and respect for the material. Large, intricate paper cuttings explore the relationship between nature and culture with the passage of time.

Kako just finished up a solo show in NY, and will be part of the "Drawn in the Clouds" group show (including Yoko Ono, Do Ho Suh and Li Wei) at the Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum in Helsinki that will be up from Nov 1st to Feb 2009.

Check out Kako's other impressive works!


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