Ok, apparently this has been on the news A LOT but for those who live in a cave (like me), Banksy just had his first show in NYC and what a fantastical show it was! In his own words from the Wooster Collective:

"New Yorkers don't care about art, they care about pets. So I'm exhibiting them instead. I wanted to make art that questioned our relationship with animals and the ethics and sustainability of factory farming, but it ended up as chicken nuggets singing. I took all the money I made exploiting an animal in my last show and used it to fund a new show about the exploitation of animals. If its art and you can see it from the street, I guess it could still be considered street art."

Though a tad preachy, I love how compelling, amusing and completely unexpected this show is. Using animaltronics, Banksy's created a surreal shop of wonders with swimming fish sticks, squirming hot dogs and a rabbit putting on make-up. I just wish I could be delighted by all this in person! You can already find a fair share of videos for Banksy's Village Pet Store on YouTube but you can also find out more info here, and here.


I heard about this! Those nuggets are sick.


I like


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