Gizmodo recently toured Lego's headquarters and had the privilege of entering the vault: a collection of every Lego set ever made. If, like myself, these sets were a huge part of your childhood, you might find this short video touching and nostalgic. The Johnny Cash tune is icing. Here's a snippet from Gizmodo's article that sums it up nicely:

"You know what I'm talking about, those were the days and all that jazz. But for real. Feelings and moments from times when everything was innocent and your only concern was the amount of cocoa in your cereals, your bike, and a big carpet full of Lego bricks."

It's a good read, and I can understand the author getting a little teary while holding those boxes. It's not the magical little bricks themselves, it's the memories surrounding each of those sets that is Lego - from castles to pirates to towns to spaceships.



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