One of the things that we are most excited about tomorrow is seeing everyone in their Adventure Time threads.  FREE ADMISSION to those who dress as if they just walked straight from the Land of Ooo.  We aren't talking about a Finn hat and an Adventure Time shirt, instead, you really have to play the part.  We pulled some of our favorite costume pics offline as examples here, but put your own spin on it and have fun.  Creative homemade cleverness is welcome.

Costume Contest at 9:30PM
When you have your costume ready, and you think you've really nailed it, you should definitely sign up for our costume contest.  Inquire about it at our front desk.  One of our staff will be walking around with a sign up sheet too.  Be prepared to flaunt your stuff in front of attendees who will be voting for your efforts with rounds of applause.  The best original costume mixed with personality usually takes home the prize.  The prize will include a $50 Nucleus gift card to be used in our store, plus you will be deemed Awesome.

If you have been floating around in Lumpy Space and don't know about this Saturday's event, then catch up on the details here




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