Animation artist Robert Valley illustrates the grittiness of urban life through the lenses of distortion and perspective. His figures and scenes are drawn with straight yet seemingly malleable lines, such that his subjects are depicted in a kind of fluid, rhythmic motion. You may recognize his work from Nike, Coca-Cola, Beatles RockBand, Aeon Flux and Gorillaz music videos to name a few. We are thrilled to present an impressive collection of eleven of Robert's original sketches for our current exhibition.

We are super excited to be releasing a Nucleus Exclusive T-shirt with Robert - more details soon to come. Thank you to all of our Nucleus Facebook fans who helped us by voting on the final shirt design! 

Lastly, a big THANK YOU to all who came out to enjoy our double opening reception of Line Weight and Carved Complexities this past Saturday! If you weren't able to make it, both of these stunning exhibitions will be on display until February 26th and are available for online viewing HERE and HERE.



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