Straddling the line of figurative and abstract, beautiful and grotesque, artist Lux Xzymhr's angel's are the product of contradictions. Composed of flowing lines, some harsh and dense while others remain light and whimsy, her works display an intuitiveness that is both organic and well considered in its design. Lux describes her creative process as a "selfish act":

"When I’m drawing I’m not thinking about what I want to say to anyone. Creating is communication with myself. If I didn’t do it, I would go insane."

 Sing Sing Sing, Oh Lil One

For her very first Los Angeles exhibition, Lux has created a collection of eight visually striking and emotionally stirring pieces bursting with expressive line work. Join us at Saturday's dual opening reception of Line Weight and Carved Complexities to check out Lux Xzymhr's creations up close and personal!


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