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Today's spotlight focuses on artist, Helen Musselwhite.  Trained in llustration and graphic design, Helen has been a part of the creative world, having explored home decorations and jewelery.  Only recently have her creative endeavors centered around the medium of paper.

Her submission for the Jim Henson Tribute Art Show, certainly showcases this interest. Influenced by sepia-toned portraits from the 19th century, Helen has recreated Bert and Ernie, not as their usual colorful selves, but how they would appear some hundred years ago as the great ancestors to the Muppets. Stay tuned for more artist news and be sure to visit Gallery Nucleus on December 10th to check out the Jim Henson Tribute Show!


These are amazing! Helen's a truly talented artist I should say (and so should Bert and Ernie's ancestors in that case)

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