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Japanese artist, Naoshi, first joined us for our Sweet Streets II exhibition last year and we're so pleased that she joins us again for The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me - Jim Henson Tribute Exhibition. Her pieces were a favorite in the last Sweet Streets and are bound to stir equal attention for our Jim Henson Tribute. As her medium, Naoshi chooses finely colored sand crystals she describes as "sunae." She strategically combines vivid colors with happy messages and the end result is always fun and and inviting. In a chance meeting with the lovely artist, she chuckled at her work saying that adding a little humor is something she always tries to incorporate, an approach we know Jim Henson could relate to!

For the Jim Henson Tribute she contributes a Sesame Street piece with all the right ingredients - color, imagination, and playfulness. She recalls, creating the piece "put a smile on my face," as we're sure should have the same effect on everyone else!

Naoshi Full

Naoshi Detail 1

Naoshi Detail 2


So cute!

I enjoyed Sunae while growing up in Japan. It's an amazing medium to use. I LOVE Naoshi's work, she uses colors so well :) This piece is one of my favorites among her work!

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