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The next featured artists from our Jim Henson Tribute series are MaricorMaricar, a "twin sister creative tag team" from Sydney, Australia. The pair make up just half of the talent we've invited from Australia - the rest, you'll have to sit tight to hear about in another post! But back to MaricorMaricar - they are a duo that adds to the number of dynamic artists skilled in a range of creative mediums. Their specialty is hand embroidery, and their subject is the familiar and fond Sesame Street.

MaricorMaricar share that they were "inspired by the fun and playfulness of Jim Henson's Sesame St." and it surely shows in their interpretation of Bert and Ernie. The sisters playfully transform the lovable Bert and Ernie into "Sweater Letters," cleverly using Bert and Ernie's recognizable sweater patterns to personify their initials. MaricorMaricar kindly let us in on some visual details of their creative process:




And if that wasn't enough cute to wow you, MaricorMaricar handstitched another piece of the beloved Cookie Monster titled, "The Letter C"


There you have yet another look into the hard work and thought put forth for the brilliant Jim Henson, but the effort doesn't stop there for MaricorMaricar, check out their other neat, detailed pieces of stitchery at their blog and site.

Still more fun to come!


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