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It's almost that time! Yesterday marked an exact month from the opening of our Jim Henson Tribute exhibition - The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me. Opening on December 10th in the main gallery space, over thirty unbelievable artists will be exhibiting their interpretations of Jim Henson favorites. Here at Gallery Nucleus we've been working diligently for close to a year now to put this show together and it couldn't have been timed better - to coincide with the upcoming release of The Muppets movie. Our admiration for the brilliant, artistic Jim Henson is finally materializing with the the shared enthusiasm of every artist involved. Follow our blog as we introduce you to new and returning talent and as we document the journey leading up to the very opening of the show.

A handful of our artists have been so generous to give us a more detailed peek into their creative processes, so to kick off the first of many artist introductions, let us introduce you to Mark Facey, better known by some as Mister Fungi. The friendly UK artist tells us he loves "creature design, world building, working in game design and other interesting projects with friends too." If you browse on over to his Tumblr where he chronicles every piece he makes, you'll see it's no joke that he's a true craftsman of magical, mystical, and some strange creatures. And so it was absolutely fitting that he submitted a piece inspired by Henson's fantasy film, Dark Crystal.

"The Dark Crystal has always been a huge inspiration to me, the rich world which they built has stuck with me over the years and has continued to effect most aspects of my work. With this piece I wanted to try and capture that feeling of a world bursting with life and colour with the crystal itself dominating the image, much like it dominates the fate of the world of Thra."

Mark, err.. Mister Fungi, confesses his work is mostly digital, but took the opportunity to master the traditional medium for the sake of the subject matter. And boy did he deliver! See for yourself:




Mark admits this was his first traditional piece, and that it was both a feat he conquered and an adventure that has inspired him to do many more! Thanks Mark and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

To get acquainted with more of the participating artists stay tuned for updates with more process shots and words from our artists!


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