Jackie Huang has always been an avid fan of both Disney and Mary Blair, so creating this fun pop-up for our It's A Small World exhibit was right up her alley.

For Jackie, creating a pop-up piece challenges her artistry in an entirely different way than when doing an illustration. "You have to find a balance between the engineering and the art - one always leads the other." For this particular piece, the artist put her engineering to the test. Not only does this pop-up highlight the "Small World" attraction's original architecture and dolls, it even plays the theme song! 

Click HERE to see Jackie Huang's pop-up in action! 

These special edition pop-ups are limited to 10, each of which are signed, numbered and hand-cut and assembed by the artist. 

Stop by tomorrow night to sing the theme song with us and snag your very own Small World pop-up while you can! 

TOMORROW! Saturday, September 17: 7pm-10pm 




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