After three years of working as a graphic designer in advertising, French illustrator Seb Mesnard chose to pursue his ultimate dream of illustrating children's literature as well as working for animation studios such as Xilam, Gaumont Alphanim and Mondo TV - and we sure are glad he did! The artist's work has been featured in numerous Nucleus exhibitions, including Terrible Yellow Eyes, Enchanté, Zombies In Love and most recently, our Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition. Seb even joined our team as a guest curator for the Edward Scissorhands 20th Anniversary Tribute

For our upcoming exhibit, It's A Small World, Seb has created "l'accordéoniste", an adorable tribute to Mary Blair and the attraction's original dolls. Mesnard also wanted to pay respects to his hometown of Paris, France: "...but through the clichés and retro visions that other countries have of us." 


NEW PRINT RELEASE: We are so excited to present this new giclee print for "l'accordéoniste". Available Here

Seb Mesnard was one of the first to hop onto the "It's A Small World" ride at Disneyland Paris when it opened in 1992! Lucky Seb! 



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