Los Angeles based illustrator Chris Turnham never ceases to transport our imaginations to a magical destination far, far away. Turnham has most recently lent his whimsical illustrations to that of Scholastic, Monocle and LAIKA Entertainment films such as "Coraline" and the upcoming "ParaNorman". 

When invited by his good friend, Joey Chou, to be a part of the "It's A Small World" exhibit, Chris immediately said yes. "Not only is Joey's new "Small World" book beautiful, but like all animation artists, I have a huge love and respect for Mary Blair and the work she created for Disney all those years ago. She's been an inspiration of mine all throughout my artistic development and I never get tired of looking at her work."

With that, Chris got to work on this gorgeous tribute to some of our world's most recognizable landmarks. 
Can you spot them?

"Landmarks Around the World" was inspired by a series of abstract concept art pieces that Mary Blair created for the original "Small World" attraction by layering and overlapping bits of tissue paper. Chris has achieved a similar effect by using screenprinting as his medium. 

The artist recalls waiting in line to take his first "Small World" cruise at Disneyland California as one of his earliest childhood memories. "I like to think that seeing those graphic shapes on the outside facade of the ride helped plant the seed that led me to become the illustrator I am today."

We are thrilled to have released a very limited edition print of "Landmarks Around the World"
Signed and numbered by Chris Turnham, this exclusive hand screened print is limited to only 23. 

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