With an undying love for all things cuddly and cute, artist Michelle Romo has spent the last six years developing her web-based company, Crowded Teeth. The online shop features affordable art prints, bags and accessories all based on Michelle's adorable illustrations. The self-taught illustrator turned designer credits Mary Blair's work on "It's A Small World" as a huge influence on her overall design aesthetic. Romo, who still treasures a copy of the original "Small World" book, was thrilled to be a part of our upcoming exhibit and book launch with Joey Chou. "I LOVE 'It's A Small World'. LOVE. Joey's book is beautiful and fits the 'Small World' universe perfectly!" 

True to form, Michelle has given us the "warm fuzzies" with this undeniably sweet piece titled "Hugs From Around the World".

"I loved working on this piece! I feel like it's just an extension of my own artwork!
My inspiration was just to show the love from around
the world that the "Small World" song is trying to send.
Who doesn't love a hug?"

Michelle took her first "It's A Small World" ride at Disneyland California when she was just four years old. It has remained her favorite ride ever since. "Everything is so pretty and sweet and designs are just beautiful. My favorite part might be the outside of the building! Just walking up to it when you are a little kid, and still today - you can just sense the magical cuteness inside."

Did you know? 

When the "It's A Small World" attraction opened at Disneyland California in 1966, Walt Disney invited children from all over the globe to attend the grand opening celebration. They brought with them water from the oceans, lakes and rivers of their homeland and poured it into the ride's flume, which now holds half a million gallons of water.

Michelle Romo will be one of the artists in attendance on opening night.
Stop on by this Saturday to give us a hug and check out Michelle's "Hugs From Around the World"! 



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