Dean Yeagle | Décolletage | Graphite, gouache, ink on pastel paper | 20" x 25"

The amazing Dean Yeagle has been in animation all of his life, even forming his own production company.  He also regularly contributes cartoons to Playboy Magazine and has published a number of books showcasing his beloved character Mandy whom he considers to embody all of the traits of a classic pin up girl paired with the liveliness and personality the artist has learned to inject into his animated characters throughout the years.  Mandy is the product of two of Yeagle's passions in life....animation and beautiful women! It is hard not to be captivated by Mandy's charm and innocent flirtatiousness.

The above piece depicting Mandy is one of two works the artist is contributing to Poster Peepshow.  Meet the artist at the opening.


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