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THIS SATURDAY! December 4, 2010 from (2:00pm-5:00pm)
Nucleus is hosting a release party + book signing for two new independently published books:

Anthology 451
Is an anthology comic with 6 individual stories by 6 different artists all working in the story departments of various animation studios.

Is a book jam packed with energetic ideas and amazing sketches by 4 talented young artists. Do yourself a favor and check out their work!

Some artists in attendance are flying from San Francisco in celebration of the release party. Come down and join us for this one day only event.  

Craig Berry

Kris Pearn

Rodolphe Guenoden

John Hoffman

Viktor Kalvachev

George Cwirko Godycki

Konstantin Pogorelov

Ben Jelter

*HOT DEAL: We're also having a huge sale on DESIGN BOOKS on the day of the event
! 25% OFF on all in-store design books!


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