We've been hard at work lining up some informative workshops to help you hone your craft a bit.  Improving your work should be a constant journey and these upcoming events are geared to those ready to take it all to the next level.  The talented Bill Perkins will be here to discuss visually clarity and composition.  You definitely don't want to miss Marshall Vandruff describe the creative process of several well-known artists through history.  Vandruff has a wealth of knowledge and I always walk away from conversations with him knowing more than I did beforehand.

We are also welcoming Jordu Schell who will actually be crafting the strangest of creatures right before your very eyes as he tells you a bit about his career and gives a few tips on working as a creative in the entertainment industry.  And for the first time, we are presenting artist Greg Spalenka.  Spalenka will be conducting a 3-day course titled Artist as Brand.  It is an intense workshop for those who are serious in their creative career and in producing their own unique art empire!


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