German based artist Andrea Offerman arrived in LA last night and dropped by today with her new body of work (14 works total!) for Systema Naturae - Aeris.

Working in both fine arts and illustration fields, her projects have included graphic novels, book covers, and children's book illustration all while consistently showing in various galleries throughout the US.

Offermann's work explores the tension and dialogue between nature and manmade. The two are in constant interaction, oftentimes one engulfs another to create feelings of discord while other times, their relationship appears symbiotic. A master with her technique of choice, Offermann's paintings on wood using inks and oil glazes are intricate but remain delicate, while the wood-grain patterns remain an integral component to the final image by influencing ideas and content.

Using “systems of nature” as a creative platform, this third installment of the Systema Naturae series visually explores 'air' and the connotations drawn from air itself.

Come view Andrea Offerman's fantastic new work in all their glory, including great pieces by Jaime Zollars, Frieda Gossett, and Michael Brown at the Opening Reception this Friday night, 7-11PM.


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