There is a rare one day 4 hour workshop coming up to help you gain some insight into the deft, skill, and chaos that goes into creating some of our best/worst onscreen fears. Slides will be presented, film history will be discussed, and most importantly a demonstration will commence.

As art further assimilates into the digital age, cg models dominate the public sphere of what is perceived as the norm. "Why make it out of clay when you can sculpt it in the computer” they question this while the virtual data become zealous of their more tangible counterparts.

Visiting Jordu's studio was always a feast for the imagination, seeing Jordu work is to experience a birth as beautiful and monstrous as it is captivating. It is actually from in-depth awareness of the human psyche and diligent understanding of organic nature that such creatures are born. Evoking such licit emotions from a piece of clay, as you will see, is harder than it seems.

Learn more about the July 18th workshop here

...Oh and did we also mention that Jordu was on "You Bet Your Life" with Bill Cosby?


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