In the upcoming ICON: A Labor of Line, we are excited to be presenting work by New York based artist Chris Buzelli.  We've had the opportunity to work with Buzelli before and have kept an eye on his career as it continues to build greater momentum.  Over the past 15 years, his work has made appearances in numerous influential publications such as: Time, US World News & Report, Rolling Stone, Playboy, The Village Voice, and Boston Globe. With all of his success in the commercial arena, the artist is also able to focus efforts in showing personal work in galleries throughout the US.

The above piece titled Transference will be one of two works featured in the upcoming exhibit.  Transference was done for a recent Rolling Stone article on the band Spoon. Learn more about the making of the piece and view it within the context of the article here

Another editorial piece by the artist...fierce.


You can see much more of Mr. Buzelli's work at

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