We are receiving quite a bit of fantastic work nowadays as we gear up to present ICON: A Labor of Line.  The exhibit features more than 50 top illustrators from all over. It is a collection of some of their best work.  If you are not familiar, The ICON Illustration Conference is a biennial event that gathers leading names in professional illustration converging to discuss the details of their field.  Meeting in other metropolitan areas in the past such as New York and San Francisco, this year's event is the first stop in Los Angeles.  Nucleus is honored to have been selected to present the official exhibit in conjunction with the conference.  The exhibit is a diverse collection of published and personal work from a select group of innovative image makers.

We welcome you to join us on a special Friday opening reception on July 16th.  We promise not to disappoint as we are featuring a variety of medium from oil, ink, collage, silkscreen, sculpture and assemblage.  I assure you there will be something for everyone to feast eyes upon and gain inspiration.  Below is a sampling of the work featured.

Friday, July 16
7pm to 11pm
Free admission, raffle prizes, complimentary beverages by Kirin

Artwork credits: Ryan Berkley, Chris Buzelli, Gary Taxali, Jim Salvati,
Craig Elliot,Tim O'Brien, Daniel Lim, Ching Ching Cheng 


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