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SpacerStoryboarding Essentials with Jane Wu

Storyboarding Essentials with Jane Wu

Storyboarding Essentials with Jane Wu
June 25, 2012 - June 29, 2012
Jun 25, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

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Avengers storyboard artist Jane Wu will be teaching a 2 day workshop/seminar to share her unique take and experience with the artform and industry. Students will be required to complete their own storyboard sequence and will be given a critique at the end of the course. 

See Jane's Bio/CV HERE
See Jane's sample work HERE 

Pre-requisites for the workshop:

-basic drawing skills
-basic perspective knowledge
-please bring your own drawing and note taking materials

Course 1: June 25th (7pm - 10pm)
  • Purpose of storyboards
  • Tools of storyboarding
  • What is expected from a story artist
  • Basics in Storyboarding
  • Basics in story

Assignment is given 

Course 2: June 29th (7pm - 10pm)

  • The pitch

Assignment is critiqued and Q and A