Obsidian, Mais2


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Artist: Mais2
Height: 8.75" (22.23 cm)
Width: 5.25" (13.34 cm)
Pages: 34
Alessandra Criseo aka "Mais2" is back with a new sketchbook collection of her Inktober works in 2016. #Inktober is the social phenomenon for artists to showcase their wickedly entertaining and skillfull inkwork online. Alessandra's work has always had a beautiful blend of macabre and cute in anime-style influence. She truly makes it her own in her second book Obsidian: Pitch Black Drawings.

Chock full of dark magic imagery, Alessandra's drawings makes playful nods to legendary horror films, paganistic culture, witches, and creatures. The texture of the book has a smooth matte layer to each gray page.

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