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I, Pomme Chan


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Artist:Pomme Chan
Exhibition:Illustrated Type
Art Height:23.0"   (58.42 cm)
Art Width:16.5"   (41.91 cm)
Features: Signed



Born and educated in Bangkok, Pomme Chan completed her BA in Interior Design at Silpakorn University before working at the Bangkok offices of both WPP’s DY&R and Grey as a graphic designer. In 2002, she relocated to the UK to study at the London College of Communication, and is currently living and working in London. Over the past four years, her drawings have featured in the Telegraph, IDN, Grafik, Curvy Book and FT Magazines, and she has worked on ad campaigns for the likes of Sony, Mercedes-Benz, Marc Jacobs, Microsoft, The Guardian, Nike and Topshop. Using her unique felt-tip style, Pomme draws inspiration from nature, fashion, architecture, music, and the female form.

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