Potter Reshoot

Back on June 8, we posted some photos of the aged trio for the epilogue scene in Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was shot at King's Cross station and we had commented back then how significantly older the actors were made to look, when they were supposed to be just the tender age of 37.

Well, it seems we weren't the only ones who disapproved of the transformation.  Aftering seeing the photos, complaints were made that the famous trio looked like "geriatric versions of Jersey Shore" per Screenrant.  So in response, Warner Brothers reshot the whole scene in a more controlled environment, inside the Leavesden studio, with better prosthetics. 
Unfortunately I don't have any new photos but I'm just grateful that the studio had the brains to reshoot it!

There were 2 new cast members that were introduced. 

Scorpius Malfoy, Draco's son, played by Bertie Gilbert

And a young Snape,  played by Benedict Clarke.  Its still unclear whether Benedict will be playing the younger version of Snape or whether he will play Harry and Ginny's son, whom they appropriately named Albus Severus Potter.

Trivia of the Day:

What happened right before young Snape called Lily Evans a "Mudblood" ?
a) She called him "Snivellus"
b) She kissed James Potter
c) She gave him a letter
d) She tried to defend him



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