New Photos from Deathly Hallows

New photos from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows popped up last week all over the internet!  Instead of quenching our appetite for the soon-to-be released sensation, it only made us want even more!

On top of that, a new featurette was also released ...enjoy!


Answer to Trivia of the Day:

Chudley Cannons colors are Orange and Black

Fun Fact:  Hermione's Bloody Hands

You may have noticed that Hermione's hands are bloody in the still photos and squeaky clean in the featurette, is that a mistake?  Nope! It was intentional, apparently trailers are prohibited from showing blood (as it is approved for all audiences) so the people @ Warner Bro. had to digitally remove the blood from the trailer!  It should however, still be in the movie.  For more info, click here for the full article.



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